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Hey! I am Mahendra Singh Chundawat

A Business Coach, Social Media Expert and Email Automation Follow Up Expert who help Network Marketers like you Make Living while Ensuring that you also Make Life.

Maybe you have a home business and it is doing good. But do you ever wonder if there is more for you in this world and you are missing all those opportunities and options? Did you relate to it? If you just nodded, then you are in the right place! Because for me, it all started with a passion to explore more and most importantly with an ambition to succeed.

I am an entrepreneur, social media marketer, email communication expert, a business coach and business trainer with an aim to help all those who are out there hungry for success. I am passionate about helping all those who wish to break the monotony in their lives and find new paths to walk on.

From small business owners, sales personnel to business coaches and even network marketers, I have been entrusted by them for their leads and sales generation. From carefully understanding their hurdles to building strategies and successfully executing them, I have proudly helped many to command profitable connections and drive conversions.

Remember, if you are not using the internet, you are leaving money on the table. Using the internet to make connections holds an utmost importance. Then comes converting your connections to profit!!!


If You Think You Can Do It – You Will Surely Do It

What began as a thought in January 2017 from Rajasthan helped me achieve a lot in a short duration. Today, with my years of expertise and knowledge of the network marketing world, I earn a whopping 8 figure income per month and that too from just one business. However, it didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t happen seamlessly or without any hurdles. It took its time, challenges, and efforts.

Would you like to earn this much too? Then, read on to find out how you can do it. Read my story and see if you find yourself in my story. If you do or even if you find a tiny part of it relatable, then there are high chances that we might be really good partners in finding an opportunity for you that helps you make more money.

For Me, the Best Business Idea Came from My Struggles

Like many of you, I successfully completed my studies and became a part of my family’s business. It was only after a few years that I started making 6 to 7 figure income every year. But everything comes with a price! In my case, I had to sacrifice my personal time, my time with family, time with my kids and whatnot. Furthermore, the 9 AM to 11 PM shift had drained all my energy. There was stress all around and freedom seemed to be far from reality.

It was after all the suffering that I decided to search for the best way to earn money, one that could help me have the perfect balance in my life. My stars treated me well and I got to know about one of the biggest network marketing companies. Influenced by one of my friends, I joined the same. 

Initially, network marketing seemed to be a great source. The wish to make quick money and to live a life that I always wanted were some factors that kept me motivated throughout.

But then why didn’t the ‘Best Opportunity’ Work for Me?

Everything was going smoothly in my new part-time work of network marketing. But then the troubles started after a year or so when I could not even touch the mark of Rs. 50,000 per month. The stress and worries entered my life once again. The hopelessness wrapped me completely. 

“Mahendra, this is the best business in India”. Don’t give up!!” This was something I used to tell myself every single day but it was hard practicing the same. I tried all the conventional and outdated methods to be in the game. However, be it inviting my friends and family members to the network marketing events or taking them to get-togethers of the network marketers, nothing worked for me. In fact, I ended up spoiling my connections and bonds with people. They were no longer accepting my calls and they always had one excuse or the other ready to avoid and ignore me.

I took a pause to realize all the wrongs that I have been doing in the field of Network Marketing. I stopped for a while to observe my colleagues who had been doing exceptionally well in the field. It was then that I decided to educate myself. And Yes! That’s exactly what I did.

An Investment in Education Gives the Best Return

My learning about network marketing and all my research concluded that other than India, there are great network marketers in other countries too. Further, they all were using new ideas and technologies to grow their business at a fast speed. I made up my mind to reach that level. I went through their offerings, started taking courses offered by them, and even spent a huge amount just to meet these leaders and experts personally. 

Today, after all my research and education, I can say that network marketing is not just joining more and more people to your network. It’s about working with each one of them and it’s about helping all those individuals grow. If you have what it takes to create more than just Passive Income, Network Marketing welcomes you with its arms wide open.

My research and efforts introduced me to lots of undiscussed strategies, techniques and tactics to succeed in Network Marketing. And guess what! I implemented and executed a majority of them to grow as a leader in this field. In a time frame of  just 6 months, I started recovering what I spent in the last 3 years to educate myself.

A Sincere Thanks to the Internet: The Thing that Made me Hero from Zero

Gone are those days when I had to make a certain number of calls every day to grow my network. Social media and various other online platforms made it easy for me to take care of and grow my network marketing business. Now, I don’t have to go to people explaining the benefits of network marketing. In fact, they approach me with their willingness to succeed in life. And that’s how my friend I partner with them and help them in their endeavors.

As a success coach, I frequently come across connections asking me how to become rich or how to earn online. Of course, you can earn money online but there is not just one way or one best way to earn money online. Though, the secret lies in a strategy!! A perfect and error-free strategy can help you get lots of leads every single day. Because I have been working and optimizing my strategies for a long time, I have been able to use the full power of social media and other online platforms as well as tools for my business. And as a partner, I can surely help you to make money online using a brilliant strategy.

More Money and Most Importantly More Time for Everyone

After all the struggles, ups and downs, I see myself as a person with a perfect balance in life. I now have time for my family, for my kids, my profession, friends, interests and hobbies. This is what I desired in the first place and this is what I have successfully achieved.

I am now earning 8-figure income per month and with the help of all the digital platforms and automation techniques, the income is growing exponentially.

As a Business Coach, I am Here to Help You – Yes You, the Established and Budding Network Marketers

Do Business the Way You Love

Are you looking for new and reliable ways to market yourself? Do you want to attract people to you? Do you wish to position yourself as a credible entity? The internet made it all possible for me and I am sure it will create wonders for you as well. 

From running a home business to earning really big every month, I have grown using the power of the Internet and social media. As a business coach and trainer, I’ve talked to the masses on stages across the country.

I have built teams of thousands and have helped thousands to build a huge team on their own.

I am Sure I can Help you Reach the Same Level too.

As I educate others and encourage them to believe in their abilities, I impart them one of the most important lessons of network marketing – Building Relationships.

With my e-books, videos, and personal courses, I share with you how you can network both online and offline, how you can expand your network, how to earn money online and most importantly, how to build relations and sustain them forever.

Once you know how to build connections with meaningful people, you will take your business to a new height.

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