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7 Team Building Strategies to Build a Strong and Effective Team

‘How to build a team from scratch?’ is a thought that troubles all the network marketers initially. Building a team and managing it is the core of the network marketing niche. When you build a successful team of people with the right mix of professional skills, you can grow by leaps and bounds in the industry.

However, many give up when it comes to team building. Either they don’t try in the right direction or they are totally clueless on how to build an effective team. But worry not! It takes great leadership to build a strong and effective team. These below mentioned team building strategies will not only help you make a team but also impart great leadership lessons.

So, get ready to explore some of the most effective team building techniques.


Drafting a Plan – A Prerequisite to Building a Strong Team

Let’s say using your lead generation skills, you find prospects and make a team with them. But if you don’t have any clear plan, you will end up wasting your efforts, time, and finance that you have put in the lead generation process. You will even end up wasting the time of your team members. 

If you don’t know what you want to accomplish from the team that you are going to create, you will never be able to find people for it. Thus, it is highly recommended that you make a plan and define measurable goals that you wish to achieve through the team.

“So, a prerequisite of building a great team is to have a great plan.”

  • Defining Clear Roles and Responsibilities

It’s great that you have built a team. But remember, our focus is on how to build a strong team and not how to make a temporary team. Ensure that you have clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of every member of your team. In the absence of responsibilities and duties, the members will start leaving the team soon. In the absence of a predefined goal, the members won’t find any motivation to stay in the team. Therefore, it is very much important that you have clearly defined roles for each of your team members.

“Have Crystal Clear Roles, Responsibilities, and Duties Defined for all Your Team Members”

  • Never Stop the Teaching and Learning Process

A Leader Coaches! Keep teaching your team members the things you know. After all, it is with teaching that you will be able to build a strong team that will last long. Teach your team members and let them execute their learning. Based on their execution, give them appreciative or constructive feedback. Keep this entire process on loop to see your team growing as one of the strongest teams in the industry.

A Leader Learns! If you are a leader who just coaches and has no room for learning, then you are not a true leader. Keep learning from your past mistakes and past experiences. Above all, keep learning from your team members. They too have insights that can help you further make the team strong.

‘Keep Coaching Your Team Members and Keep Learning from Them’

That’s How You Build a Strong and Effective Team.

  • Appreciate and Reward

Who Doesn’t Love Recognition?

Appreciate and praise your team members. Recognition is one of those factors that keep the team members highly motivated. The more you appreciate, the better the performance and results will be. Furthermore, appreciation and rewarding will ensure that the team members stick to the team for a long time. 

“One of the Great Team Building Strategies,

 Appreciation and Rewarding Increases Performance and Results”

  • Great Leaders ‘Ask’ the Team Members

If you are looking for the answer to ‘How to Build a Strong Team’, then the simple answer is ‘Ask the Team Members’

Let not the above statement confuse you. With ‘Ask the Team Members’, I mean, as a leader, you must ask or consult your team members before introducing changes that will impact them. 

People are always resistant to changes and when you introduce changes without consulting with your team members, there are chances that the members will find it difficult to accept those changes. This is turn may even result in the collapse of the whole team and you would be back to the query ‘how to build a team from scratch.’ 

It is, therefore, advised to ask or discuss with your team members before you implement any changes in the team. The team members’ inputs will also help you in the better implementation of those changes. Also, there will be less or no resistance to those changes. 

“Consult your Team Members Before you Introduce Changes in the Team”

  • Micro-Management is Not an Option

Remember we are discussing strategies on how to make a strong team and not a dependent team. Micro-Management will make your team entirely dependent on you. When you micro-manage your team, you interfere in every single activity that your team members do. 

And you must STOP THAT!!

Just get out of their way and give them enough space to innovate and invent. Let them come up with their own ways to solve a problem. When you do micro-management, it implies that you don’t trust your team members. And trust plays a very significant role in building an effective team. 

“Want to Know How to Build an Effective Team?

First: Stop Micromanaging Things”

  • Want to Know a Successful Way to Build a Team That Lasts? Then Take Feedback!

Feedback is a two-way process. If, as a leader, you are giving your feedback to your team, then you should take feedback from team members too. I have seen leaders who hesitate to take feedback from their teams. I have seen team members who don’t find it ‘respectful’ to give feedback to their leader. These are some of the practices that hamper your growth as a leader.

Be it positive feedback or negative one, take it wholeheartedly. Work over it, improve the areas where you lack, work with your team, and take feedback again to see whether you have improved.

On the whole, feedback in team building and maintenance is important and you must take it, give it and work over it.

“Feedback: The Life and Soul of Team Building and Maintenance”

In Conclusion

These were some of the best team building strategies that you can leverage. They will surely help you if you are new to the field of network marketing or if you don’t know how to build a team from scratch. Keep these key points in mind while making and maintaining a team and you will have a strong and effective team that will last for a long, very long time.

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