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Don’t Know How to Make 7 Figures a Month? These 7 Tips Have the Answer

7 figure salary or income in India is not difficult. There are various options and opportunities available that can help you reach the 7 figures mark. Furthermore, there are certain habits that you need to cultivate to achieve this financial gain and growth. There are many who are making 7 figures salary in India and I am a part of this league too. Trust me you can join the club as well.

Here I am sharing 7 amazing and effective tips that will help you make 7 figures a month. But before we dive into these tips, let’s touch some basics first.

What is a 7 Figure Business?

When we talk about 7 figure business, it’s just not about 7 figure business ideas generating a huge amount for you every single month. A 7 figure business is synonymous with freedom. Freedom to build a super-smart team, freedom to spend time on yourself, freedom to invest in your health and mental peace, and most importantly freedom to regain control of your precious asset – time. On the whole, when you have a 7 figure business, you don’t get stuck in your work. Rather, you work on your business and make it grow in terms of its size, operations and of course in terms of finance. 

Remember – all this alongside making a crazy amount every single month!!

So, now that we are quite clear on ‘What is a 7 figure business’, let’s jump to the tips on how you can build one for yourself.

Build What Solves People’s Problems

Building what people need is one of the 7 figure business ideas that most wealth earners overlook. They focus on building products that are in trend. Or they want to offer the same services as their competitors are offering. Remember that your offering has a direct impact on your earning. Either build a low-ticket product and appeal to the masses or build a high-ticket product and appeal to a specific target market. Make sure that whatever you build add value for the customers.

More Than One Income Stream Can Help you Make 7 Figures a Month

The more income sources you have, the higher are your chances to reach the 7 figure mark. Plus, when you have multiple income sources, you diversify your risk, which is great for any business. In fact, you can generate an additional income stream with the revenue of an existing stream. Passive income is perhaps a great way to boost your wealth.

However, it is equally important to manage multiple income streams. Ensure that you don’t have so many sources that you can’t handle or manage. Excessive streams can lead to a big failure let alone helping you make 7 figure salary per month. 

Learn the art of delegating before you venture into more than one stream for earning.

  • Stick to Your Decisions

In business, you have to make multiple decisions every now and then. It’s good to consult others before making decisions. However, if you let others influence you on every other decision you make, you might not reach where you aspire to. People give their opinions and you can’t stop them. But don’t let their opinions shake your decisions. Make deliberate and clear decisions based on your values. 

Making deliberate decisions will help you cultivate the mindset of 

‘Yes, I too will earn a 7 figure salary in India and nothing is impossible.’

There are many e-commerce portals in India that are making 7 figure income online. The competition is tough. But with the right strategies, planning and product/service, you can lead the industry and achieve the 7 figure salary mark. In fact, with in-depth research about their business model, you can easily figure out how to make 7 figures online. 

But I am not interested in an e-commerce portal to make 7 figures online? Is there another way to achieve that mark? 

Of course Yes! 

You still can earn a lot online and network marketing lets you do so. With proper lead generation process of network marketing, you can have your own team who in turn can lend a hand in making 7 figures online. 

I am a network marketer too with 7 figures income per month. If you are new to network marketing and unsure of how things work in this niche, then I am here to help. I have dedicated books and resources on network marketing that will help you in the lead generation process, earning online, and reaching the mark of 7 figures.

  • Stay Away From Burnouts

It’s good that you are a hard worker. But trust me, it’s not good to be working 24×7 without proper rest. When you don’t take a break, you will notice a decline in your performance. Further, you will notice slowing progress along with a lack of focus on your goals. All these symptoms are enough to take you far away from your dream of making 7 figures a month. Not just professionally, lack of rest will introduce you to various health risks as well. Thus, make sure that you have balance as you endeavor to make a 7 figure income. 

Give time to your health, take rest, revitalize yourself to achieve your goals.

  • Have that ‘Why-I-Can’t-Earn-7-Figure-Income’ Attitude?

There are others in India who earn 7 figure income. Perhaps you know a few or perhaps some of them are your role models. 

You look at them and sigh ‘It’s easy for them to earn a 7 figure salary in India because…’

You have to stop right there. You have to stop underestimating yourself. It’s a ridiculous thought that you always think of when you see another 7 figure salary maker. 

Rather, when you come across such earners, you should ask yourself 

‘How to Make 7 figures a month in my Business’. 

Leave all your excuses behind. You can be a role model for others too. Set a positive attitude of ‘Why not me?’ and see for yourself the financial growth in your income.

  • Associate with 7 Figure Income Earners

The last one is more of a habit than just a tip. You need to cultivate this habit if you too wish to be in the 7-figure income earner club. When you surround yourself with like-minded people, there are high chances that you will end with the same mentality. In our case, if you hangout with 7 figure earners, you will end up being one. If your surroundings, environment or place doesn’t have such people or people with the same mentality, then consider relocating. Understand that you cannot achieve anything being in your comfort zone. Move out to meet people with 7 figure business ideas and learn from them how to make 7 figures a month.

To Sum Up

Undoubtedly, earning a 7 figure salary in India is not effortless. But it is not impossible too. Earning 7 figures comes up with its own set of challenges. But these hurdles can be overcome with consistent efforts. Just thinking round the clock about how to make 7 figures online or how to earn 7 figures with my offline business won’t bear any result. Have a deep understanding of what is a 7 figure business and strive to establish one. Leverage all the tips and habits mentioned above to achieve your 7-figure income goal.

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